Why should I wait for an even number like 400 or something before I do a celebratory post? It's the Friday before the most significant long weekend of the year and I felt the need to par-tay. The parade should be here any minute.

But seriously, can you feel it? That urge to learn something new, take on some cool projects or look forward at the next four months and wonder how on earth you'll be able to achieve your goals for 2007?

Yeah, thought so.

Currently I'm caught in a web of conflicting priorities: new fall clothes, tempting evening/online courses, new magazines to write for and the next WIP. Which do I choose? Where do I start?

And the same thing happens to me at this time every year. Just one peek at a back-to-school ad am I'm twitching with the need to get new shoes and learn kung fu. Okay, maybe not king fu, but something that will take me out of my comfort zone. Like beach volleyball. ;)

It's also time for me to start thinking about what I want to be doing in 2008. Do I continue on my current path or are some adjustments necessary. In some cases, I know things need to change because I'm going batty, but others are on a way-cool vibe that I don't want to mess with too much.

Of course, trying to do this all, including much-needed website edits, just ain't gonna work right now...because it's the Friday before a long weekend. ;)

Enjoy it!