Numbers don't lie. Even when you scribble them quickly so that they're really hard to read.

Maybe it's all the back to school advertising I'm being exposed to right now, but I can't help but feel the need to organize everything. Not that it works for me or anything, mind you, but I did discover a few things using the new math:

1. If I spend 0 hours working on my current WIP, I end up with 0 new pages.

2. For each hour I spend entering contests, I lose approximately one hour of income. Go figure. But you never know, I could win something really, really cool. Who needs to pay the mortgage anyway?

3. The more I feed Zaphod, the bigger he gets (new photos coming soon, I promise).

4. The longer I put something off, the harder it is to do. I think that's a geometric equation...or something about slopes and gravitational pull.

5. If I send 0 article queries I receive, you guessed it, 0 article assignments.

6. If I spend three times the amount of time I anticipated working on a project that I charged out on a flat rate, that totally sucks. To the power of three.

7. All it takes is ONE email with the right idea to the right person at the right time to find a new opportunity.

8. This email can be written in 30 minutes or less, depending.

9. There are 24 hours a day. Sleep for 8, eat for 2 and you still have 14 hours. Spend a little time watching TV or checking blogs and you can still send out at least 10 article queries...or prepare book submission packages/emails. Let the family fend for themselves; you've got work to do!

10. Trying doesn't cost you anything except time. Not trying at all is too expensive for any soul.

Okay, let me get some work done...I've got some emails to write...

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