Oh yeah, I'm totally under this ninja kitty's mind control. You try looking into those eyes and denying him anything, I dare you!

Thanks go to Michelle for taking this awesome photo!

And it's really hard to type when you're holding a kitten...especially when Zaphod tries to help. He hasn't quite mastered the shift key yet. The sh*t key, however, is perfect, thanks for asking. ;)

But enough about kitten love, it's time for this writer to focus on biz-ness. My goal of sending out at least one article query letter a week dried up in the August heat and now I find myself looking at an October with only the So You Think You Can Dance show in Toronto to look forward to. I can't wait to see them, but waiting isn't what pays the bills around here. That's what the money trees do. :)

And when I find a hole in my income-earning schedule, I always come up with a gazillion things to do that really do nothing to earn quality cash. Like auditioning for Canadian game shows or starting a Facebook page for Zaphod. (I can't, at least not until he starts earning money as a cute kitten for toilet paper commercials.)

So how do I stay focused? Bifocals. ;)

No, seriously, sometimes a day of nothing is the best thing I can do when I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything. The trouble is that it's really hard to get off the hamster wheel of freelancing when every waking hour has the possibility of becoming a billable one.

When financial advisers tell people to pay themselves first, I think they're referring to time as well as money. At least we should interpret it that way.

But what about you? How to you stay focused when ironing your December party dress is more tempting than working on what needs to get done?

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