Hello again!

I'm still recovering from a weekend filled with great times and groovy friends as Saturday turned out to be one of the best Great Exchange parties ever (Michelle's unwanted items were fought over with loud squeals and kung-fu moves) and Sunday was spent with some crazy contesting friends assembling loot bags. Woot!

So today I'm playing catch-up with an attention-deprived kitten following my every move and speaking up every once in a while to let me know that he needs more lovin'. And that's too darn cute to resist, even if I still haven't found where I hid all my clutter on Friday.

Currently I'm searching the house for a recycling bin and a bag of carrots that was too big to fit in the fridge with all the yummy treats the girls brought over. I hope I left the veggies in a cool place...and one that Zaphod can't get to. ;)

The main focus of the today is printing out all the stuff for my Golden Heart entry so that I can send it out this afternoon. Of course, I've just realized that I'm low on paper (too many online coupons to pass up lately) and I need to purchase one of those big honkin' can't-break-open envelopes so that my entry arrives complete and unblemished by postal grot.

The kitten sitting on the printer and trying to lick the pages is simply making the exercise more fun. ;)

After that, I have a maxed-out to-do list that keeps on requiring an update as my short-term memory has started kicking in again after seven-layer-dip overload. Oh, and the potato salad on Saturday was pretty darn tasty too. I made up for it all my eating healthy -- red pepper slices, baby carrots and clementines -- yesterday during loot bag assembly. What I won't mention are the potato chips and chocolates...rats.

And while all this is going on, I'm starting to think about 2008 and how I'm going to make it a year that totally rocks. Trouble is, that's just making me feel really, really tired at the moment. ;)

Maybe I'll put planning for 2008 off until tomorrow...or next week...

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