I've been fighting off a barometric-pressure-inspired headache all weekend and the kitten just doesn't want to get down from his precarious perch on the wobbling stack of DVDs, no matter how many times I threaten to send him to reform school.

My ALL CAPS mood really started with the phone ringing at two in the morning, and every eight minutes or so until I unplugged the phone as some schmoe was attempting to send a fax to the wrong number. Oh how I wished someone could hear what I was saying on the line -- it would have made a sailor blush. ;)

So I'm sleep-deprived, headachy and now must go out into the winter wilderness (at least most of the streets are plowed now) and get some shopping done. This is something that would normally fill me with glee but I'm feeling hesitant as I've left things way too late this year and all the people out there shopping are probably as cranky as I am. LOL

Oh, and I only got two pages for the WIP done yesterday. Le sigh. But I won't let this teeny fall off the wagon snowball -- even with all the white stuff out there. I'll just plug away at it as soon as I get back from the insanity of the mall.

Wish me luck!

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