You know things are getting out of hand when I'm spending more time in store line-ups and production meetings than I am with good friends. It's a crime!

It also doesn't help when I completely missed a deadline and spent the past two days scrambling to make the earth stop rotating (a la Superman) so that I'd only be a few day's late instead of like really super-bad late. :::hangs head in shame and awaits flogging:::

And there I was, thinking that life was cool with all those neat gift ideas. Le sigh.

So I turned to Zaphod for advice. Not the Douglas Adams character, but my 5-1/2-month-old kitten, aka Bitey. When I asked him about what I should do about my overwhelming schedule, he did this:

And I said, "No, you silly kitten. I can't just go on a sleeping safari, I need to get stuff done!"

Then he started to purr and flick his tail a bit. A definite sign that his feline powers of intellect were at work.

Or not.

So I tried to tickle his belly.

He only protested a wee bit -- with an SBD that could make wallpaper curl and a meow so cute that I had images of falling rolls of toilet paper. Then again, that could have been due to Zaphod's flatulence.

And right when I was about to give up on getting advice from an animal that has turned my home upside down, broken one of my favourite lamps and plays fetch with peanuts on a regular basis, Zaphod gave one loud "meow" and raced upstairs.

Intrigued, I followed him to see what on earth could be so damn important that he'd abandon his pet zebra and go walkabout.

Slowly taking the stairs in case Safari Kitten had taken on his Ninja Kitten persona with the change in altitude, I peered into the living room, only to see Zaphod demonstrate how chillaxing is really done.

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