All this searching for great photos of Josh Holloway got me thinking: how could I use this actor/model/fabulous bad boy for my motivational needs?

Stop your giggling! This is a serious matter that should be approached with maturity and a soundtrack that doesn't include a single bow-chicka-bow. ;)

In my ideal motivation scenario, Josh would be captured by the Penguins of Panic, who would tie him up and refuse to let him out of my basement until I kept to my word count. To make matters worse, they'd make him take off his shirt so that the brisk winds from their portable iceberg would make him shiver...

This worked. For five seconds.

Because really, if you had that man tied up in your basement, would you really want to let him go? :::makes note to do a test run with the DH:::

Then I realized that, in order to keep things in perspective, it might be best for me to not use confinement as a motivational tool. Yeah, but if it worked, I'm sure I'd see a lot of workshop opportunities on the horizon. ;)

That's what's driving me crazy right now: the horizon. They say that good things come to those who wait, but for how long? And what are these good things of which they speak? Clean laundry? Free ice cream? Wichita gets its own CSI franchise?

Sure, it's the holiday season and I should be relaxing, but I don't work that way. Heck, I wish I knew the way I worked sometimes, because every day is...unique. Especially when I get prizes in the mail. And coupons.

When it comes to motivation, it used to be seeing my name in print. That seemed like the ultimate accomplishment -- and I'm sure it's a great source of inspiration for a lot of people. When my first letter to the editor of the local paper was published, it was a great feeling -- but it only lasted for a little while. It was hardly the life-changing experience that I thought it would be. So I kept on writing, aiming for bigger and better things, like getting my stories in print...and now here I am with a wealth of published articles under my belt and a polished manuscript looking for a home.

Now I find that what motivates me is the story. Or the stories of the people I'm writing about and how best to capture them and share them with others. Being motivated by a byline was easy; now my inspiration comes in all kinds of ways. And that's what makes it hard, because sometimes I don't recognize it, even if it's tied up in my basement. ;)

I'll tell Josh you said hi.

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