Thanks to a newsletter I subscribe to ( I found out about this cool video that sheds some light on the impact too much stuff is having on the planet. I thought it was timely considering that I'm about to head to the mall to buy even more stuff for people. ;)

It's 20 minutes long and, unfortunately, there is no dancing. Check out the video.

Of course, if you don't have a problem with too much stuff or, as I like to call it, uber clutter, goody for you. I may snub you at gatherings but at least you have room in your home for that Pulitzer or Oscar that's on its way to you. ;)

But is there a sure-fire way to keep clutter in its tracks? The good old "something new comes in, something old must go out" rule normally works for me. However, I'm a mess when it comes to books, magazines and important pieces of paper, like coupons and receipts. After a while everything just piles up into this mass of paper-mache material and I'm tempted to get some matches...

How do you deal with too much stuff?

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