I was shocked when I discovered that it was Friday today. The fact that it was Thursday yesterday obviously wasn't enough to prepare me. ;)

While I'd love to tell you that I lost track of time because I had been kidnapped by David Beckham, but I know you wouldn't believe me. Especially when his voice is so darn annoying.

:::purchases duct tape:::

So what the heck could be so important that I haven't been checking out all the cool blogs out there or posting in a timely manner? Shopping. The final, I" better find something or I'll give them microwavable popcorn instead" shopping of the holiday season.

It was brutal. I know this because I didn't need to take any insulin when I stopped for lunch after lugging around my purchases at the mall while searching for the ONE LAST ITEM.

And yes, the one last item was found despite numerous retail employees in various stores telling me that nobody in the mall sold such a thing. All I can say is I heart Sears. ;)

Now I must take some muscle relaxants as my shoulders are starting to seize up. ;)