Since it appears that Mike, Mary and I aren't the only ones wasting time over at, I thought it might be prudent to change the way I communicate with my clients. You know, be all hip to the new scene. Word.


"Attached please find my invoice" becomes i didz it. u pays me now.

"Here are a few article ideas" becomes ideas? i gots dem.

"When is your deadline?" becomes not redys yet. tri latr.

"Thank you for your referral" becomes i now knows ur friends.

And, speaking of furry friends, Zaphod is happy to be back home and snoozing on a super-large footstool, stretched out and oblivious to all around him. To tell the truth, Wylie was right; I took Zaphod's visit to the vet a lot harder than he did. I actually cried when we dropped him off.

:::applies "big suck" temporary tattoo to forehead:::

But he doesn't appear resentful and spent most of the time racing around the house to ensure that everything was where it should be. A new package that arrived today (more books - hooray) gave him a new box to explore, so he was delighted.

And, as I write this, I realize that I have truly become a crazy cat lady.

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