Okay, I promise not to do a Paula Abdul parody, even though I'm sorely tempted.

Currently I'm working on my first article for a U.S. publication, a wee little regional magazine that I'll name later so as not to jinx anything. ;) For me, this helps with two of my goals: adding more magazines to my list and expanding my reach to areas south of the border.

Yes, Maya was correct. World domination is part of the overall plan. Along with the spray cheese. ;)

So this counts as one big-honkin' step forward. Until I get to the whole IRS thing. Right now my desk is littered with printouts of forms that all have W's in their names and the language used on them is about as understandable as bicycle assembly instructions on Christmas Eve.

Not that I've ever done that myself, but I've heard stories.

And through this process, I've started to worry. Do I really want to start up a relationship with the IRS? The taxes and forms used up here are bad enough. Add another country into the mix and things could get really scary.

Then again, many Canadians have paved the way so that earning money from Uncle Sam isn't quite as hazardous before. At least I think so. It just feels like it's easier being a foreign non-resident than an illegal alien.

Maybe I'll start using FNR as my new name. I can get it done up in a nice logo and pull a Prince or something. Or maybe I should double-check the paperwork to make sure I'm not signing up for Wal-mart greeter duty. ;)

If anyone out there has tips on how Canadian writers deal with earning income (through freelance work, not a regular salary) from the U.S., please help!

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