Ugh. If that title doesn't send you running for cover, you obviously have a perfect life and are simply dropping by to see how the rest of us are doing. Thanks, we're fine, really. ;)

As a diabetic, I've learned to expect certain things. If I eat a lot, my blood sugar level goes up. If I don't take my medication, the same thing happens. And, if I don't take care of myself properly, I can feel like crapola and do some damage to my kidneys, eyes and other important body parts.

The funny thing is, the same types of expectations can be applied to writing. If you try to do a lot of things at once, your frustration level will go up. If you don't make time to write, the same thing can happen. And if you don't follow through on your goals properly (like actually working towards them), you can feel like crapola and do some damage to your self-esteem, psyche and those characters who want their stories told.

Of course, one thing I have learned is to expect the unexpected. Followers of The Secret take it a step further and expect what it is they most desire. That's pretty darn cool, though sometimes it's hard to keep the faith 100% of the time.

And that's all about managing expectations. Do you spend your days waiting for something to happen or are you getting the most out your day right then and there?

Heck, I'll be the first to admit that I am prone to spending quality time sitting on the couch watching the tube and thinking, "if only I could get inspired enough to _____." The blank can be anything from writing to eating better to getting fit, and I can guarantee you that it's never "if only I could watch something even worse than this." ;)

Shoot, I guess I'd better get working on making the most out of this day -- without help from Dr. Phil.

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