I've found a new hobby that I'm really enjoying. And no, it's not salsa dancing, crystal meth or cow-tipping -- it's tormenting my heroine in my current WIP.

Oh, I've done horrible things to her. Destroyed her confidence. Taken away those close to her. Even treated her to some public humiliation...

Can you tell she's in high school? ;)

Seriously though, when I noticed that Michelle was almost ready to cross the finish line on the first draft of her latest manuscript, I panicked. I had even extended my due date so that it would coincide with hers, and I'm only just over a third of the way into Draft 1. Sob!

But, instead of sitting in a corner eating bon bons and moping, I'm in the chair. No, not the comfy one in the living room -- I'm in the hand-me-down computer desk chair that no longer lifts when you sit in it to adjust to the ideal height. So I get to write while feeling like a true petite.

Talk about looking at things from a different point of view. :::schedules trip to office furniture store...and chiropractor:::

And all that stuff about goals, motivation and conflict? Huh, it really does make the writing easier. Who knew?

That being said, I must apologize for not being a good blogger. I promise to visit real soon -- right after I arrange a catastrophic event or two. ;)

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