Lee came out of his new-baby-in-the-family hibernation and tagged me within moments of blogging again. Sheesh, there's no rest for the wicked...or wickedly busy. ;)

But I lurve things like this, so here I go:

Ten signs that a book is written by me:

1. My heroine always goes after Mr. Wrong first.

2. In my first drafts, my characters eat about fifteen meals in the first three chapters.

3. I use asides (sentence fragments). A lot.

4. There are oodles of pop culture references.

5. There are dance breaks. (Kidding. For now.)

6. My heroines have friends to talk to, unlike those romances I used to read waaay back when the heroine was a nanny working on a remote island and the hero didn't admit his feelings for her until the very last chapter.

7. I tend to have casts of thousands until my beta-readers get back to me.

8. You'll never find characters with two first names. Like Guy Richie or David David. ;)

9. There will be at least one scene when my character has to buy something.

10. There will be no axe-wielding murderers.

Hmm, maybe I could squeeze an axe-wielding murderer into my current WIP. ;)

I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free try this out if ya wanna.