There must be a reason why some people forward every single forwarded email they receive to everyone they know.

Sure, sometimes the information is useful (how to protect yourself with spray cheese) or makes people aware of a good cause (the well Timmy fell down last year is going to be shut down, please sign this petition so it can stay open to let more children fall into it), but the worst has to be those "send this to 4,803 of your closest friends and your wish will come true" ones.

According to my inbox, I have a few friends that should have had all of their wishes granted as of November 18, 2006. So why on earth are they still sending these things to me? Don't they realize that I'm already living the life of my dreams? Or do they think I can do better?

Wow, what a way to find out that your friends don't think you're living up to your potential. ;)

Or maybe they're earning frequent forward miles. You know, kind of like how your wish will be granted based on the number of people you forward the message to in the next five minutes.

Except with frequent forward miles, you need to reach at least 1,599 forwards before you can claim a Level 1 reward, which I assume would be a new mouse or keyboard. Once people get up to Level 5, they can choose between personalized video-message greeting cards or even free Internet service.

That would explain a lot of the crap coming my way that makes those folks looking for my bank account information so they can wire me funds from Nigeria look good. ;)

Sure, some of the forwards are funny and some make me stop and think about how short life is and how lucky we all are to have a roof over our heads, but I think that some people feel that this is a great way to keep in touch.

Not in my books. I'd much rather receive an email that doesn't have a FW: in the subject line, but that's just my opinion.

What do you think?

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