No, I didn't get kicked off Stuck Island for this episode, I'd actually re-sprained my ankle (which was initially a victim of ju jitsu) by slipping on some ice and stayed home instead of risking a hip hop inspired injury.

So the gals shook what their mamas gave them and ate some more. Is it just me or do we eat an awful lot? LOL

We also got to know more about the other gals in the group, which is nice since it was looking like the Bonnie and Nicole show for a while (not that we were complaining, mind you). Who knew that Maxine was living with a miniature drill sergeant? Little Jory was totally putting Maxine through the wonder she always shows up at our group activities winded!

And only Magnolia would go tobogganing with high-heeled boots on! Gotta love a woman with fashion integrity, no matter what she's up to.

It was great to see Clarice reconnect with her crazy sisters. Okay, maybe crazy isn't the right word, but knowing Clarice, I'd say those gals know how to have fun. ;) And Simone, Clarice's gorgeous daughter, deserves a medal for making her Mom apply to be on the show so that she could shed the pounds that were holding her back from living life to the fullest.

As far as I know, no one was injured in the taping of the hip hop class. And no one took the cute instructor home for private lessons. ;)

Next week is an episode I'm totally looking forward to: fitness boot camp. It feels kind of weird actually writing that, but it's true. While things got kind of competitive with the other gals, this group activity was one of my favourites.

Stay tuned!