Not only was this weekend stinking hot, it was also filled with a ton of lessons to be learned along the way.

First and foremost, my muse insisted on a break. She even packed a tiny bag, stole Eileen Cook's Unpredictable off of my to-be-read shelf and ran away. I really hope she comes back, mainly because I want to read that book. Le sigh.

Oh, to be a muse...

Then, since I had nothing better to do (lawn mowing just couldn't be done in this heat), I cleared out my inbox. It's amazing how a few months can really make an email seem less important...or more important when you discover that you've missed an important piece of information, like a deadline!

And today, I took a belly dancing class. What fun! What a workout! The instructor made it look so easy, but now I have these "oh they're gonna hurt tomorrow" feelings in some muscle groups. Like, everywhere.

I liked it so much, I may just sign up for a weekly class. Yeah, I know, talk about crazy. But I really liked the scarves with the jingly bits that we got to wear. And the instructor wore these really nice flared pants with slits at the bottom that showed off her calves. And I feel that my calves are worthy of such pants. My abdomen, however, needs a bit more work. Hence the classes.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Out there are many people who can do things that I can't, and I think that's pretty cool. Why? Because I can choose to learn from them, like with belly dancers and published authors, or let them continue without me, like our garbage collectors and brain surgeons.

Seriously, with the Internet and distance learning and the number of how-to shows out there, you can learn to do just about anything without leaving your home. You can even learn to leave your home, or try to if you have a fear of your driveway or next-door neighbor.

Speaking of neighbors, I'm three sleeps away from heading to Saint John, New Brunswick (where all my snail mail contest entries go, I hope i can visit the postal sorting station) to lead a workshop with a cool group of people. It's gonna be brilliant! Of course, I still have to fit five gazillion items into two suitcases -- luckily the DH has offered to assist in this and other preparatory measures.

You'd think he was trying to get rid of me or something.

Speaking of time away, this small excursion also means that I will be away from the Internet from Wednesday to Friday. Eek! I know, this is going to be hard for me, but I'll survive. So my Stuck recap for this week's episode won't be up until Saturday. Just in case you're regularly stopping by to get the dirt or lack thereof. ;)

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