Just give us a big tire and a hammer and who knows what the gals from Stuck will come up with!
Fitness Boot Camp was the activity of the day, and I was delighted to be able to finally participate with my Stuck sistahs once again. Of course, some of us enjoyed the day much better than others. ;)

Oh, what a tangled web competitiveness weaves. Funny thing is, I really enjoyed the FBC, as it was the first time that I felt that I could keep up with the others. Okay, maybe "keep up" is the wrong phrase, but at least I got on the scoreboard.

What disappointed me most was the parts they didn't show: me doing a full sit up and push up -- without dying! Squee! Can you believe our little Magnolia held a squat for over two minutes without heels on? Way to go sistah!

And kudos must go out to Tracy and Clarice. Tracy deserves it for allowing a camera crew into her home after a hurricane went through it (or, as she says, theater season) and Clarice gets a big round of applause for getting rid of some of those outfits that the 70s have been trying to get back for at least two decades! Hats off to her daughter Simone for wrenching that one dress out of her mother's hands! LOL

Don't we all look skinnier already? I think that's the best part of watching the show: seeing the changes in everyone. And remind me never to wear my hair like that again -- and to burn that bra. Ack! What was I thinking?

Oh, and rock climbing is next week, which may prove to be a bit of a drama-fest. But you didn't hear that from me...