July has been a great month for me. First of all, I realized that I was able to write my last manuscript in one-third of the time as the one I'd previously done. For me, that's huge. Especially when I hear that it takes more than one novel to make a gazillion dollars. ;)

Then there's my ongoing exposure through Stuck on Canada's W Network. I'm starting to get recognized by perfect strangers, which is perfectly fine by me. Most of them stop to tell me how much they like the other ladies on the show. ;)

And I'm in two publications through interviews instead of writing the articles myself:

My love of entering contests earned me an interview during the Canadian Contesting Convention for "Eyes on the Prize." an article by Steve Burgess that appeared in the July issue of Reader's Digest Canada.

And I'm a local hero in the July 11 issue of The Etobicoke Guardian. (Please note that DH is not a freelance journalist, not sure where the reporter got that from.) Woman's fitness journey on the small screen.

Here's the photo:

Caption: Bonnie Staring (right) works out with trainer Olga Segovia.
Photo by Evan French

Now I'm just gonna wait beside the mailbox for money to arrive. ;)

In other news, I've almost completed the outline for my next WIP. While the last one was written in nine months, I'd like to see if I can write this one in less time. But first, I think I'll focus on getting the first draft onto the page...by December 31. Stamp saved.

Somehow giving myself a goal in July doesn't seem to have the same effect as doing it in January. I'll have to see how those January goals are doing next blog post.

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