Today I ventured into totally unknown territory: the urban music scene.

The freelance gig I'm on has me doing some fact-checking, editing and proofreading for a nifty publication -- and I've arrived just in time to help out with their issue dedicated to all things hip-hop, rap and other genres that may include the word gansta.

I know, I know, Bonequa's in da house.

The best part was fact-checking some lyrics a writer used to create a translation guide for all things Lil Wayne. And, if you don't know who the heck this homeboy is, dat's aiiight, you'll be quoting his lyrical metaphors soon enough. His latest disc sold a million copies in the first week it was on the shelves -- and I'm sure none of my peeps picked one up.

We're just not hip to the new scene.

But now, I kind of am. Like a terrified non-swimmer sticking her toe in the deep end of a pool run by the city. Or a woman who thought a booty call had to do with shoe shopping. ;)

Hey, I do own a 45 of Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang, does that count? Never mind.

Here are my top Lil Wayne metaphors/similes:

5. "Pockets green like a pot of peas"
4. "Just relax like a fresh new perm"
3. "I'm untouched like a box of Pumas"
2. "You might wanna fall back like August"

and, my personal fave:

1. "Tell dem hataz cut it out like a coupon"

Oh yeah, this guy is freestyling at the grocery store. Dat's right.

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