It's been a tornado of terrificness over here, let me tell you.

The work has been piling in, which is good for the economics in BonnieLand (real Kraft Dinner for everyone!), but not so good for that lovely novel that was supposed to have been completed by April 12.


Yes, I'm back on the horse of words (which sounds more uncomfortable than it is) and making progress. Of course, if I had actually kept up the steady clip I was at before all the work suddenly landed... I'd be in a coma. ;)

And despite all the tales of doom and gloom blowing around and raising prices at the grocery store, I'm finding inspiration wherever I turn.

It's things like reading about someone's first sale (yeah Nelsa!), nomination, win, incredible opportunity or just plain uber-cool happening that remind me how the road isn't always so bumpy and gloomy. Even if the soundtrack's been compiled by Morrisey. ;)

And then there's the lovely warm weather. The crocuses survived the last snowfall of spring and now the kitten wants to go bird hunting. Not that he has a chance at catching one, put Zaphod does get points for effort. And his ability to meowl. A lot.

Will this be all the inspiration I need to finally get this WIP done? YES. Stamped-saved, no erasies. My next WIP is screaming so loud, it's drowning out the cat.

So I'm gonna get back to work, for me.

How about you? What's been inspiring you lately?

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