Two things happened in recent weeks that have me thinking about karma, life and something other than Bob Marley songs. Thank goodness.

The first was JD Fortune, formerly of INXS, suddenly coming out of the woodwork and claiming that he was back to living in his car -- just like he did before the whole Rockstar: INXS thing got started.


So you record an album and go on a worldwide tour with one of the most fantabulous bands in the world... and then become a homeless Canadian again?
Dude, what happened?

Read what he told the Winnipeg Sun, after he appeared on ET Canada and reported that INXS gave him the big kiss-off at the Hong Kong airport. He's now retracted that statement.

Then I started thinking about what he was like on Rockstar: INXS.

A total diva. Couldn't work with his team on a team project and ended up stealing the spotlight (which resulted in the song Pretty Vegas). Thought he was better than everyone else. Didn't bother rehearsing. Changed the rules when they didn't suit him...

Perfect frontman material, or so we all thought.

I mean, the guy was awesome to see in concert, even though he wasn't Michael. Le sigh.

Let's hope he saves his royalties from his solo project, which is releasing soon. ;)

As for item #2, it all started innocently enough when someone posted a comment on an eloop (I know, I shouldn't read them) about how despondent she was over some rejection letters she'd received.

I totally felt her pain and could see that she was just entering the "submitting to agents and editors" part of the novel-writing journey.

Luckily there are a lot of fabulous, giving writers out there, who flooded the forum with encouraging words and nifty ideas of what to do with rejection letters. I won't repeat any of them here, but I really liked one involving freezer bags. LOL

Then one member came on board to eloquently proclaim how agents and editors aren't interested in supporting new authors (how encouraging!) and, once people get their first book published, they don't even have to work hard at it any more since people will buy their next books anyway.

I'm totally paraphrasing here, and may have even misunderstood what the person was trying to say, yet this is how I interpreted it and it made me kind of mad.

Well, really mad.

Why? Because I know some published authors -- and they work EVEN HARDER once they get their first book published. So I don't know who this Negative Nelly's been reading, or hanging with, because she's got it seriously wrong.

And I would hope the initial poster, who got her first rejections, realizes that that's not the way it is. Because if I had read something like that when I got my first-ever form-letter rejection, which confirmed my worst fears that everything I wrote was absolute crap and not even worthy of another look, it might have made me even angrier than I am now. ;)

And if I got the pessimistic poster's words wrong, my apologies. Still, I feel the need to vent because there may be some people out there who think everything is all sunshine and chocolate fountains once you get that first novel published.

Sure, chocolate fountains may be involved, but there's always stormy weather. Right JD?

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