The words are still flowing, but I want to make sure they're the right ones. Le sigh.

And this insight brings me right to this week's excuse:

"If only someone would validate my work for me."
Oh yes, my friends. From time to time I lose my grip on reality and can only believe what other people have to say about my work. And sometimes, they don't like it.

I know, can you believe it? ;)

Whether from a beta reader, critique group member, agent or contest judge, their word is gold. Mine is Silly Putty with a hunk of comic strip stuck to it. And no matter how much I try to stretch and shape my own opinion so I can hear it better. it just shrinks back as soon as someone else says they don't like something I've done.

As my published friends say, "Just wait 'til you get Amazon reviews."

It's crazy, I know. And I'm not the only creative person out there who suffers from this. Heck, even those uncreative types do, too. If a hairdresser gives me a nasty haircut, all it takes is one of her associates to say, "Wow, your hair looks great!" and I'll forget how much I hate it until I get home and see it in the mirror.

So what's a woman planning on putting her words out there for all to see, mock and critique to do?

Suck it up.

Seriously, there's no other way. If I can't take the heat, I should close up shop. But I can take the heat -- I even picked up some SPF 4000 sunblock, just in case.

If I waited around for everyone to like what I did, I'd never get anywhere. LOL

So how do you deal with other people's opinions?

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