I just have to share this if you haven't been to the Miss Snark's First Victim blog lately:

It's hilarious but true. For more details (and to order the book), head on over to http://authoresspress.com/

So I guess I should admit that I'm totally procrastinating right now, but at least I know why: I'm afraid to let my WIP go.

This YA novel and I have spent way too much time together, sorting through the details, drama and debilitating typos. ;) The WIP, started way too long ago, needs to be released into the world so that I may focus on the next egg in the novel nest.

Sigh. It's like letting go of those concert shirts that don't fit anymore.

But I have to get to the end and mean it. No more second-guessing or noodling. I'll get to the end very, very soon. And then start the process all over again with the next WIP.

And I'll find the joy in it all somehow. Perhaps through chocolate...

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