Instead of editing the dreaded WIP, I've been editing the dandelions in the yard.

It's a pretty good workout, actually, getting down on my hands and knees and taking out all my frustrations on those pesky little (and sometimes huge) weeds.

This afternoon, as I moved to the front yard to do battle, my neighbour and her five-year-old son Lukas ("It's snowing!") pulled into their driveway.

Lukas scrambled out of the car and asked what I was doing.

"Pulling out the dandelions," I said.


I decided to go for the most honest answer: "Because I don't like them."

"Why?" Don't you just love five-year-olds?

"Because dandelions are yellow and the grass is green. I want everything to be green."

He smiled and looked up at me. "Like a forest?"

"Exactly!" I quickly agreed, delighted that I was able to stop the whys so rapidly.

The next thing I knew, Lukas decided to "help" by yanking off all the dandelion flowers, leaving the leaves and roots behind.

He gleefully kept on yanking a few up, showing them to my and dropping them into my weed bucket. His mother apologized and made a move to stop him, but I told her that was okay.

It was too much fun watching him hard at work to ask him to stop. Once he was done, I suggested he go over to his own lawn to "fix those dandelions."

Sure, it took me longer to find all the weeds after his help, but watching him take delight in getting rid of those pesky yellow yard killers was well worth it.

Tomorrow I'll ask him for help with the clover in the side garden. LOL

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