Forgive me, but it's the first really, really warm day in Toronto -- and that means young women everywhere have forgotten to put on anything.

Seriously, the nail on my pinkie is covering more than some of the "outfits" I spotted on the bus and subway this morning. I sincerely hope that these gals have sunscreen on because UV exposure is in their future. Ya don't need to contact any psychic hotline to confirm that prediction.

Now, I admit, I'm an old bag. I too used to enjoy the flounce of spring in full teen-aged swing, wearing short skirts and other items of clothing that Mom would have preferred I left at the thrift store (vintage rocked the '80s, let me tell you), but I recall having way more clothes on than my contemporary counterparts.

And, like the skinny nekid girls of today, I was way too busy having fun to notice what anyone thought of the Union Jack I converted into a mini-dress. ;) London called, and yes, they wanted it back.

Maybe all these patches of young skin appearing all around me are reminding me that my patches aren't quite as glowing as they used to be. Is that why I'm getting all judgemental? 

Or it could be that I'm just not hip to the "newd" scene. 

Whatever. I'll just carry some spray-on sunscreen with me for the rest of the summer so I'm at the ready if it looks like someone is overexposed in more ways than one. ;)

How about you? Are you flouncing it for all to see this spring?

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