This has been a very exciting day for me for two reasons.

The Golden Heart
For those of you not writing romance novels, the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart novel writing contest is like the pinnacle for all of us unpublished people. To be nominated is an honour and to receive your non-finalling score sheet is an excruciating experience sometimes.

So when I spotted the envelope with a Texas return address, I wondered if I should just stick it in a drawer or let the cat play with it. Not that I haven't done well with previous entries; I mean, I haven't finalled or anything like that, but there's the odd lowball score that makes me kind of cranky.

And, with the way I've been feeling about the current WIP that I'm revising -- which is also the one I entered into the Golden Heart -- I was afraid to know what five anonymous judges thought.

Turns out they liked it. Even with the way it was before (but that's probably because they only saw the first two chapters and not the rotten ending). With a 39/45, my entry was in the top quarter! Squee!

This is also the highest GH score I've received to date, so I'm verra, verra happy.

Remember that science game show I did a written test for earlier this week? Well... I qualified to move on to the next round: the videotaped audition.

Can you freaking believe it? Not only did I pass the test, they think I did well enough to try me out on camera! And we all know how shy I am when it comes to being on TV. LOL

Oh. Mah. Gawd. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I had science smarts. The weird thing was how confident I felt after completing the written test, which involved answering 50 questions about, you guessed it, scientific stuff.

There was one question that I did not understand at all. I'm hoping there won't be any like that for the next audition, but odds are they're gonna ask me that one again with the cameras rolling. ;)

So if everyone could send happy science thoughts my way, I'd really appreciate it!

Maybe I should go see the Star Trek movie to help beef up mah brainz.

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