Seriously. I was explaining the plot of Source Code to my husband this evening and, next thing I know, I'm sobbing.

Yeah, it's supposed to be an action movie, right? Kind of, but not so much. I'll leave you to discover that on your own.

Seeing the movie isn't what's making me feel like an April Fool. It's all the times I've consulted the Mystical Smoking Head of Bob regarding things completely out of my control -- kind of like when Jake Gyllenhaal asks questions of the big man in charge of the Source Code. Because what's out of our control is out of our control. Stamp saved. No erasies.

So all I can do is focus on the things I have control over. Like what to pick up at the grocery store. What to watch on TV. (Anyone else check out Mobbed?) What to work on when I'm at the computer (My novel? My taxes? Online games?).

It's all about choices. And yeah, I've made some foolish choices, like staying up waaaay too late to play at or doing surveys in the hopes of winning fabulous prizes. Le sigh.

Procrastination is a skill I have mastered, so I really don't need practice there. ;)

What I can practice, however, is taking it easy. You know, do the Doris Day thing. Que sera sera and all that stuff. And while Doris is singing in the background distracting my inner critic, I can get some words on the page.

How about you? What have you been an April Fool over?

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