Have received two letters since the "singing Austrian siblings with guns" plan was developed. Have only been able to find a group of Irish triplets carrying switchblades so far. Sigh.

So I've returned the letters to sender because they don't contain postage-paid envelopes that I could stuff with scary David Hasselhoff photos. Speaking of the Hoff, if you haven't seen this video, you just haven't lived:

Hooked on a Feeling

All I can say is look out for the few Hoffelgangers that appear. It's freaky. And a work of art...to someone.

The grocery shopping lady for the music video audition seemed to go well but the competition was pretty fierce. At least I felt skinny, which was a nice bonus. If I don't get the "shopper" part (BTW they LOVED the coupon holder) I can still be an extra, which doesn't pay as well but at least I get to hang out in a grocery store. Talk about a hip scene!

Sold another article this week, which thankfully isn't due until September. This week I was also expecting revisions on the major magazine article that will accomplish a big honking goal. I guess the editor is waiting for the screenwriting contest, La-No-Wri-Mo and all my other July tasks to reach the boiling point.

It's getting hot in here...but I'll leave my clothes on.

I also had a very nice experience with a new editor this week. After tossing over my resume and some clippings to a fellow Write-On (thanks Nienke!), I ended up receiving an assignment to write an article - on a topic I knew absolutely nuttin about. Eek!

So I called a ton of people. Some of whom still haven't called me back. So I ended up phoning the home renovation contractor who worked on our house last year. Not only was he helpful, he connected me to two of his suppliers, who were more than happy to share their ideas and tips. Only problem was, I felt that the information I had didn't quite suit the article I was assigned. So I had to resort to a little tweaking to make it fit.

Then I submitted the article, fully expecting to receive a set of not-so-simple revisions. Instead, the editor complimented my work and asked me to send him my invoice, no further changes (on my part, at least) required.

That's the way stuff should happen all the time. Maybe I can use some of my new home improvement knowledge in the screenplay.

Oh, and I absolutely detest my genre and subject: a ghost story about a lost trail. Now I have 7 days to get over that and create something unexpected and absolutely brilliant. I'll have to include spray cheese and monkeys somehow.

Must sleep.