Found three psychic letters in the mailbox this morning. One from Maria and two that I didn't recognize.

The first, from Skye in Newmarket, Ontario, had a nice picture of some lit candles in the top left corner. Still, I put it with Maria's so that it could be marked "return to sender" with my mystical Sharpie. Everyone should have one, especially for back to school.

I almost opened the last envelope, until I noticed the "please open immediately, important information enclosed" above the address window. Then I noticed the lack of return address and my spider sense started tingling like an out-of-tune banjo. Or it could be another offer from Capital One.

I laid the three envelopes side-by-side, wondering how this bizarre coincidence could be happening. That's when I realized that Maria has probably been supplementing her psychic income by renting her mailing list to other seers.

It doesn't make sense though, as this would weaken Maria's power as being the only psychic to write me. Her attentions no longer seem that special as Skye, Kreskin and the unknown psychic (who may be related to the unknown comic) are now sending me letters.

Too bad I don't feel special, just annoyed.