Just when I thought that phoning the DH every five minutes to see if the producers had called or not was being a tad obsessive, I came across this forum where everyone in Canada is waiting for the call. Some have even received a few calls already...and I hate them for it.

One woman took the time to post all kinds of DOND statistics to keep us entertained. Enjoy!

112,767 - total number of Deal or No Deal applicants in Canada

95,054 - online submissions (with over 17,000 of these received at globaltv.com on deadline day from last-minute-loving Canadians)

17,713 - hard copy applications sent via Canada Post

1,500 - applications received at a single outlet of Canada Post in downtown Toronto on deadline day alone

212 - applicants who wanted to know if their dog could be one of their supporters if chosen - supplying bios and photos of said pooches, no less

107 - parcels attached to applications in the mail - including baked goods, briefcases of chocolate loonies, layer cakes in the shape of Howie Mandel's head, hand knitted toques, scarves, socks (for Howie), and various handmade replicas of the signature D.O.N.D briefcase

39 - number of questions - all mandatory - on the Deal or No Deal Official Application Form (craziest question? We pick number 19: "Write a short poem or rap about yourself.")

26 - number of Deal or No Deal models

23 - number of production staffers tasked solely with reading and reporting on each and every application.

18 - number of days the Deal or No Deal application process was open (October 31 to November 17)

7 - applicant hometowns that we have never been to, but nonetheless think are cool: Inukjuak, Quebec; Escuminac, New Brunswick; Iqualuit, Nunavut; Bay Bulls, Newfoundland; Kindersley, Saskatchewan; Delbonita, Alberta; Williams Lake, British Columbia

3 - average number of hours entrants spent online filling in application

1 - The number 1 answers to application form questions,"What would you do with a million dollars?" (pay off mortgage) and "Dream vacation spot?" (Disney World)

Hey, at least this kept me entertained. Now I'll go back to checking my email and voicemail.