Please note that I have done my best to refrain from putting any spoilers into this post. But a character named Boone died in Season One. And I thought he was really cute.

Dear cast of Lost,

When you are filming in location on Hawaii, please be careful when you are driving. The Hawaiian police force, not unlike the angry black smoke and polar bears, don't want you on the island. Search for all the hatches you want, go for a swim and enjoy the oasis that surrounds you - but if you're coming home from a rockin' luau, take a cab.

You don't even have to be under the influence - you can get nailed for speeding, driving without a seatbelt on, maybe even spitting out the window - just don't press your luck!

Because all it takes is one little itty bitty traffic infraction and you'll find yourself out of a job. This isn't like the Amazing Race where someone "may" be eliminated, when the time comes it's America's Next Top Unemployed Actor.

No one is safe. No one. It's not like on Star Trek where you knew the guy in red transporting down to the surface wasn't coming back.

Drive safe people. Seriously.

Your fan,