I woke up this morning in pain.

When you carry too many packages through a crowded shopping mall for a few hours, your arms will never forgive you. My biceps are none-too-gently reminding me with every move that I really don't have any upper arm strength left.

I had to ask the DH to get the full juice carton out of the fridge for me this morning. I have achieved total 98-pound weakling status, with a ton of pounds to spare. ;)

And, as I look over all the lovely got-it-all-on-sale items, none of them stand out as being all that heavy. Then I remember the two manuscripts from the betas that were added to the pile. And the fabulous shoes that I just had to get. Oh, and then I just needed to pick up a few books for the TBR pile.

At least I bought the gifts for other people first.

The quick rewrite and polish is moving along well. The panic attacks aren't quite as frequent as I expected, but the day is still young. Yeah, we'll see how I'm doing on Thursday with all the NaNoWriMo folks freaking out as the deadline approaches.