I must admit that I rarely pass up the opportunity to complain. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a "glass is half-empty" person or just find it easier to spot the crummy stuff instead of the praise-worthy fabulousness.

And for the past week I have neglected to follow my golden rule:

If there is something I want to bitch about, I can only complain about it to another person three times. This can mean bitching once to three different people, making some poor sucker suffer with the same story three times or, if you prefer new math, finding two people and giving one of them extra kvetching.

It works too, when you remember to follow it.

I've found that it takes three times to get most of that angst, disappointment, anger -- insert favourite negative emotion here -- out of your system. The rest is taken away when you have super-weird dreams involving spray cheese and David Hasselhoff videos.

The DH gently reminded me last night that I wasn't telling him anything new when I started to whine and complain about either Howie Mandel not calling me or not having enough time in the day to take over the world. Talk about a case of CrankMaster Flash.

So I'm gonna try to bottle the negativity for at least...three hours. ;)