I can't believe I was so wrapped up in whatever was going on 11 posts ago that I didn't realize it was my 300th one. Can you believe it?

Shoot, that's almost as many as Miss Snark did in one day on her crapometer. ;)

But what should one do to celebrate such a momentous blog occasion? Write a book on procrastination? Bake up some crescent rolls? Book another trip? Play one-hot wonder tunes from the 80s until my ears bleed?

You'd think Blogger would send an email note to congratulate me. After I filled in the verification code correctly, of course. It would be kind of like getting the new coloured star on your eBay rating. It means a lot to some of us. (The day we received the new star for our 500-positive-feedback rating, the DH and I went out for burgers.)

What do you celebrate that's a little out of the ordinary? Remember to keep it clean; I have parental units reading along. ;)