Today was such a wild day, I'll need about a week to let it all sink in.

The Toronto Star's weekly TV guide, Starweek, ran an awesome article about Stuck. While I didn't appear on the front cover (sob!) they had a photo of all seven of us on the inside front cover and my story (about being a diabetic and totally out of shape) was mentioned.

It was a great article and if I could link to it, I would. Here's a photo that's similar to the one that appeared in the magazine:

So today, as I was panicking right before the workshop I was going to lead at my Toronto Romance Writers meeting, one of the gals came up to me, Starweek in hand, and asked me for my autograph.

She wanted my autograph! Can you believe it? Little ol' me?

Oh Maya, not only did you totally make my day, you also presented me with my first-ever celebrity autograph moment! It made me feel like a million bucks. Thank you!

Oh, and the workshop went okay, I think. Apparently I talk with my hands when I stand in front of a crowd and with my legs when I'm sitting on a table. Who knew?

Well, at least I can call it a workout. ;)

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