Today my craziest friend in the universe, Joanne, turned 40. And, in true "woo hoo" fashion, we were going to start the day with an incredible hot-air balloon ride in the country.

At 6:05 a.m., after staying overnight in a very nice motel and eating a bunch of cute little mini blueberry muffins, we were told by the balloon operator that the upper winds were too strong to take the balloon out.

And no, that wasn't a personal comment about either of us.

Now, I'm not much of a morning person at the best of times, but Joanne took the news like a trooper and quickly found another day that we could try again. Unfortunately, it's not until July. She's one of those people who actually shows up to work when she's supposed to. Sheesh. ;)

What you might not know about Joanne is that, even after going through a bunch of bad nasty stuff like dumbass boyfriends, a kidney transplant and turning the most evil cat of all time into a lovable bundle of joy, she still believes in rainbows, dreams and tax refunds.

So this post is for Joanne, who still doesn't have a stinkin' wrinkle after 40 years. Happy Birthday, girlfriend. May the next 40 be less stressful and even more fun than the first!

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