That has to be my ultimate favourite karaoke tune. One of my goals is to use it somehow in a musical. I'll let you know how that goes.

Thank goodness I have to work at client offices this week. If I had to be at home (where we only have AC in the bedroom) during the day it might have been dangerous. Especially for door-to-door salesmen or people who happen to play polka tunes loudly as they drive or rollerskate by.

Of course, my 'keep cool' plan slightly backfired today when I was convinced it was Wednesday. Damn. Remember folks, working at a desk from 9-5 for five days a week is no longer normal for me. I'm getting twitchy already.

At least the gang I was working with today allowed me to play a disco compilation CD. Hence the I Love the Night Life reference. We had a fun time. Well, almost all of us. ;)

The long weekend is right around the corner and the DH and I will be heading to a good friend's 50th birthday party. When I asked our friend what we could bring to the party, he said: "Could you bring me a date? I'm all out."

We might bring him some figs, just to be smartasses. I think I'll bring the disco CD too, or my portable karaoke machine.

Don't laugh - I really do have one. It's fabulous!