Okay, looks like I'm not going to be appearing on You Bet Your Ass, the Comedy Network show I auditioned for a while back. Boo-hoo.

What bugs me is that not only did I NOT receive the "sorry, you're even more of a loser than you thought you were" call, I kind of guessed that I hadn't made the cut when I noticed an ad for more contestant wannabes on craigslist. Ouch.

That's okay though, because tomorrow I'm auditioning for a bit part in a music video. It's for a grocery shopper who scans the aisles for bargains. I think I'm a natural! I may even bring my coupon file (yes, I have one) with me.

And I apologize for the sparse bloggage. It's been an interesting month. Cue music for the highlights:

3 magazine articles, all deadlines met (WOOT!)
4 freelance editing/writing/proofing gigs, still alive despite this last one
This is beginning to sound like the 12 Days of Christmas...in July...with WOOTs. Time to get back to sentences.

I've done a whole bunch (okay, not 23K, but a bunch nonetheless) of writing on the WIP, but in longhand. Must spend entire weekend typing.

And, to make things even more fun, I completely forgot that I entered the NYC Midnight Screenwriter's Challenge. It starts tomorrow at midnight - I'll have to write a short screenplay (max 20 pages) in a week on a randomly selected subject in one of 20 genres. Last year I had to do a drama on unemployment. It blew chunks. Big time.

Now I need a serious nap. Until September.