Imagine my surprise when, after speaking with a few editors, I discover that their main complaint about writers is a failure to meet deadlines.

Isn't meeting a deadline the number one rule when it comes to keeping editors happy? Or writers employed? Sure, writing is hard, especially when the urge to put things off until the last minute so that we can race to the finish line is a very cool rush. But to miss a deadline when there are a gazillion other writers out there, nipping at our heels to take our place in the word chain seems kind of...dangerous. In a bad way.

Perhaps it's my obsessive-compulsive nature, but I will do anything to meet a deadline, even if it means pulling an all-nighter and putting off laundry, grocery shopping or watching my favourite show. (That's why there are VCRs.)

So I asked these editors why they kept on letting these tardy prose-producers get all the glory. Because they can write. Of course, if they wrote AND met deadlines, that would be a major bonus.

That's where I like to step in, like the overachieving brown-noser that I always was in school. Well, until I discovered Duran Duran.