We're going to a wedding this Friday. When the invitation arrived, I was very excited. Not just for my girlfriend, who was finally getting married, but for me - because I needed to buy a dress for the occasion.

So I shopped. And shopped. Took a week-long break and shopped again.

Finally, I found the perfect dress. It's totally Audrey Hepburn (in a good way) and, best of all, I already have the perfect shoes and handbag to go with it! Cost: $29.99. Canadian.

I heart summer sales.

So I took it out for dinner the other evening. And came home a tad disappointed. It fits, but not perfectly. And that feeling like I was with Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina? Not even close.

But I really can't expect a cheap dress to change my life, can I? Or did I need to spend a C-note to benefit from the effect?

All will be fine. And I will not go out and try to find another dress between now and 4:00 pm Friday. Pinkie-swear.

I'll just have to wear my ugly yoga pants so I won't want to leave the house before then. ;)

Did something totally crazy yesterday. A short humour (gift) book, which I had been playing around with for over three years, was polished off, given a nice query letter and sent to a literary agent specializing in that particular market.

Can you tell I'm avoiding other duties right now? First the screen door cleaning and now this three year-old project. I guess that's just the way I am. At least part of it was writing.

I'll keep ya posted. Now back to that "discipline" thing.