Yesterday while at the store I picked up a pint of raspberries. DH really likes them and, as he's been working very hard lately, I thought he deserved a little treat.

So I left them on the kitchen counter. Because you should never put fresh berries in the fridge if you're going to eat them right away. That's what my Mom says.

Fast-forward to last night. After enjoying a lovely meal, I reached for the raspberries, only to discover a big, nasty red stain on the countertop when I picked up the container.

Were they weeping in fear at the sight of the nasty kitchen floor? Did the loud disco music bother them? Or were they rooting for Travis instead of Benji on So You Think You Can Dance?

It doesn't matter, we ate the berries anyway and then stared at the square stain on the counter that we don't really like anymore. Now we have another reason not to like it.

And they say eating fresh fruit is good for you. ;)