Imagine my utter dismay when, at a pivotal moment when two characters are about to profess their love for each other on one of my favourite shows, the TV station decides to issue a fog warning, effectively cutting the audio of the show while text scrolled across the top of the screen. Just in case people in the effected cities didn't notice that it looked really - how you say - foggy outside.

Of course, I didn't have to hear what was being said, because I could feel it in my heart of hearts. :::grabs another tissue:::

But puh-leeze people, a fog warning? That doesn't quite rank up there with hurricane warnings, major honkin' snowfall warnings or, the super-important out of Halloween chocolate warnings.

And to make matters worse, they did it TWICE.

I won't even go there with the whole "wait over two months to see what happens next" action. Hopefully I'll have purchased my own tropical island by then. ;)

And did anyone else witness the ever-shrinking self-esteems of the contestants last night on America's Next Top Gherkin? Everyone appeared to be in some sort of pickle. I hope Caridee wins, Melrose bugs the heck outta me.

Tangent alert! Sold another article yesterday to an online pub! Woo hoo! Will get the link up here once it's up there. Did anyone understand that? STOP THE VOICES.

Ah, that's better.