It is done. Sent my baby off into the world today.

This week was hellish, to say the least, as I spent most of it behind the 8-ball. But it got done. And I'm feeling pretty darn good about that. It's also nice being in regular clothes again. ;)

My fear earlier this week of not having enough work that pays for my master plan to take over the world has been silenced by the appearance of two new projects - right when I was doing the final round of edits.

Holly Lisle is absolutely right: you can edit something forever, but revising it 17 times does not make it a masterpiece.

I have a TBR pile that is blocking out all the natural sunlight in my living room. Time to take a wee break from writing and lose myself in another author's words.

Oh, after I sign up for Deal or No Deal of course. ;)