The past 48 hours have been brutal. I have never felt so many emotions at the same time. Excitement. Fear. Confidence. Panic. Joy. Dread. And I've discovered how much I love sleeping.

My entry to RWA's Golden Heart has been sent. HOORAY!

Of course, I meant to send it on Friday, but then things got crazy-busy for my main client, so I ended up having to work for five days instead of my usual three. I heart FedEx.

Then two more of my clients came calling on Wednesday, needing stuff right away or, if possible, for this coming Monday. And I got the go-ahead on another magazine article - due December 15. Did I mention that we took my parents to see Wicked on Tuesday too? Yeah, it's been bih-zay.

While I'm very excited about all of these projects and happenings, I'm feeling a little, um, FREAKED OUT.

The cool thing is that I'm doing what I love to do: write, generate ideas and all that fun stuff. I just have to remember that it can't all be done at once, or in one day.

I think that's where I really get stuck; not being able to say no or ask for an extension on a deadline. And that wreaks havoc on trying to lead a normal life where the dishes get done, meals get prepared and, just maybe, quality time is spent with family and friends.

Juggling is fine until someone throws you a flaming torch or bowling ball. As I'm getting older (OMG did I just write that? Somebody shoot me!) my ability to multitask is slowly diminishing. Or perhaps it's my ability to fake it that's letting me down. ;)

I've met a lot of people who claim they can watch TV, read a book, write a novel, learn Latvian and bake cookies from scratch all at the same time. Of course, I know they're lying, but that puts the idea into my head that it could be possible. And then I start thinking that if I could multitask like that, life would be so much easier. Here are just a few of the things I thought I'd try this holiday season:

1. Stuff turkey while recording revised outgoing answering machine message
2. Bring laundry to holiday parties and ask the hosts if I can use their machines (I'll bring my own detergent of course)
3. Carry spare gifts and pot-luck food items with me everywhere I go just in case I need them
4. Learn the customary greetings that represent different holidays (and their sign language equivalents) while ordering gifts online
5. Bake 17 types of cookies and lose 20 pounds


6. Write Christmas cards for the next three years while directing a Broadway musical

Everything's long as I can find those Anthony Robbins tapes.