Here's what Georgia Nicols has to say for this week:

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
As this gaggle of planets clusters in Sagittarius, it triggers major issues about work for you. Suddenly, you're super focused on your job. You either need to find work, or find a different job, or change the way you do your current job. Alternatively, you might be hung up with issues with coworkers, or what to do about an unexpected job offer out of the blue? Some of you are also focused on health issues; while others are dealing with small pets. (Curious but true.) One thing is certain: all these areas offer huge improvement for you in the year to come. If you're unhappy with your job, you can fix this. Expect a miracle.

Okay, not only am I spending all of my time watching that cute puppy in the pet store commercial, I was also speaking with Carolyn Wilman, Canada's contest queen yesterday morning on attracting luck in life as opposed to just contests. Her words to me were "expect miracles", which I have taken on as my new mantra. I think the old one, "everybody Wang Chung tonight", has outlived its usefulness.

And yes, the package arrived. I can now obsess about something finding the dining room.