That's the shape my current workload is taking, but I know this will pass soon enough so that I can tow something more along the lines of a Smart car or Vespa.

I'm bogged down with details and the overwhelming urge to create perfect first drafts, which is impossible to accomplish and even more foolish to attempt. Crappy first drafts are a key element in the circle of writing life. And no, that's not a tip from my copy of The Worst Writing Advice Ever.

One of the best ways to lighten the caravan load is to carefully examine one's To Do list and see if all the items on said list are things that must be done. Or better still, must be done by you.

As I have discovered, some ideas and projects are so fascinating that they refuse to be removed from the list. I'm sure that's what the writer of this particular car show segment felt as he or she penned the script.