Normally I don't look at spam, but every once in a while one slips through the cracks and makes me forget that these messages are evil and must stop.

But I could double my salary. It said so right in the subject line.

All I need to do is sign up for their online course. I can complete the exercises during the day or night, whenever I can fit it into my schedule. Oh, did I mention I could double my salary?

Of course, how do they know what I'm earning right now?

Despite the Big Brother creepiness, they obviously don't know me. I'm the woman who dozed off the last time I did jury duty. And when we were in the little room we had to wait in during parts that we weren't allowed to hear, I was the one who pushed the red button next to the door after the other jurors dared me to.

When the security guard opened the door and asked who pushed the button, he didn't look very happy. I had turned a light on in the hallway to indicate that we had reached a verdict.

We were only on the first day of a five-day trial. ;)

So to have a job where I'd have to stay conscious and play by the rules during Canadian court proceedings, which aren't at all like anything I've seen on Law & Order, probably isn't a good fit.

But it was nice to be asked in the first place.