Michelle has read Eat That Frog, a book about battling procrastination that I might just have to borrow from her, but I think I might use reading that book as a delay tactic.

Things on H&B are still moving along, though at a slower pace as my penmanship leaves a lot to be desired. It's all getting on the page, no matter how many wrinkles I get from all this squinting.

But you're not here to read about my horrible handwriting and less-than-stellar eyesight: you came over here to find out how the Loud Cell Phone Babe is doing.

Oh yes, today was a very special day here in Etobicoke when I happened to board a bus that Petunia* was already on. Remember her?

And I haven't seen her in, like, ages.

"Yeah, so I was at the club and he's totally there, pretending like he
doesn't know me. After we got busted together and everything."

Obviously she's mispronouncing the verb "bustiering," since I'm sure she's talking about drag queen auditions given the amount of makeup she has on. And the silver platform shoes.

"...I was so wasted that night..."

Oops, looks like she's following the LinLo path.

"But at least they're not fake like Sally's..."

Poor Sally. I wonder if she knows what Petunia is saying about her. And that she's got those nasty platforms on while she's saying it.

While I would have loved to find out if the short, skinny, older boyfriend was the one who dissed her at the club, I didn't want to miss my stop.

Sometimes the reality train just passes people by...no matter how loud they're talking.