Ah, this one is fun. Thanks to Amy for this one. I Googled "Bonnie feels" to find out my emotional state. Apparently there's a lot going on:

1. Bonnie feels that no one will talk to her. (Hello? Is anybody there?)

2. Bonnie feels you can live a good life with SM, in spite of the pain. (For a second there I thought it said S&M...)

3. Bonnie feels that girls, in particular, need even more opportunities to develop a sense that they can pursue the questions that interest them. (Such as: Where does Daniel Craig live exactly? Is he allergic to cats?)

4. Bonnie feels she received such heat from the WWF, Vince, and all promoters was because she came from the world of modeling. (Totally.)

5. Bonnie feels that franks and beans are a British classic NOT American. (Same with those mushy peas...)

6. Bonnie feels that Kim continually "lords" her victories over her. (Skanky 'ho!)

7. Bonnie feels this way at least in part because “it’s all relative.” (Oh no, not the evil twins again.)

8. Bonnie feels better and better. (Um, thanks, you read it here first people.)

9. Bonnie feels that there is significant merit to a variety of photographic styles. (Especially when we're talking about photos of Daniel Craig...covered in franks and beans...)

and finally...

10. Bonnie feels it’s important to share some things. (But what they are I'm not gonna tell you.)